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Terminal promotion on doing some of the views

At present, the terminal promotion is an important place for direct contact with consumers, but also between us and other competitors, the first close combat battlefield. Terminal promotion is the promotion of many enterprises often do way, it can make the sales volume increased rapidly in the short term, better communication with customers face to face, to effectively expand market share and the suppression of competition, etc..
The importance of terminal sales has been more and more marketers recognized and accepted as a marketing session was a very important part, the major marketing journals have not hesitated to study and discuss a huge issue, one time " Marketing will be called the terminal ", of course, became marketing profession," said the topic had to "end the process of promotion in the marketing impact of the power of the evident. Terminal promotion is a comprehensive work, the industry is "benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom," How to Terminal with 12 promotional articles can not express clearly, and I here in the promotional marketing terminals express her humble opinion , could you bring some colleagues to help. Are the main talking from the following aspects:

First, make preparations before promotion

Our first task is to end sales promotion before the preparations. Marketing purposes according to the terminal select the appropriate promotions, first of all have promotional purposes, such as: 1. When we had just time to market of new products, in order to make consumers familiar with our new products as soon as possible, to promote the sales of our new products; 2 . for potential customers trying to buy or use; 3. To reduce the bad old products out of the market inventory to prevent conflicts old and new product promotions carried out; 4. In order to improve overall sales and marketing carried out against our competitors; 5. Anti- "promotion" and for the promotion; 6. can and consumers face to face communication, improve consumer familiarity of our products, building consumer loyalty for our products and reputation; 7. to promote the sale of our terminals volume, to bring a more prosperous end of our popularity and profits, help us to establish a good customer and end romantic relationships.

Terminal promotions can be said to be very complicated, in order to avoid a work of sloppiness will not affect the promotion process, the need to prepare work breakdown responsibilities, and individuals to provide for the completion of time, according to a fixed personnel inspection, promotion Confirm work place. Activities related to staff before making contacts, to ensure easy connection, while understanding the marketing process and the serious end of the contact problem of the terminal to find the person in charge contact.

Adequate supply is the basis for the smooth promotion, promotion, if out of stock after the beginning of the phenomenon is a direct impact on our sales results. We can determine the scale of promotion promotional products, reserve quantity, such as appliance sales are 100 units in peacetime, when the sales promotion is expected to raise 30%, then at least to prepare 130. Promotional activities related to pre-sales staff to implement the orders, to ensure that activities have sufficient inventory during the terminal. Promotional activities must be well the day before the product shelves, Duitou tallying, posted a good price tag, good layout of promotional materials, etc., to avoid the day of the event before we do, cause confusion in the scene, not only will cause inconvenience to our terminal, but also affect our publicity.

Second, selected a suitable promotion strategy

Marketing promotion strategy is the theme of thinking, we now have a special promotion strategy commonly used strategy, accompanied by gifts, discounts and so on.

How to choose the right marketing strategy is good if we can do a good job marketing the key. If this is our new products, because consumers may not know this product is almost, so we select the promotional strategy, it should fully consider how to expand the visibility of the product, how quickly accepted by consumers of this product. Then do comes with gifts and promotional staff to stimulate the consumer is a better marketing strategy. When our new products, promotions through the previous, our new product will be in a certain impression on the minds of consumers, some consumers will be recognized at this time is the time when rapid growth of our sales, time growth stage of our new products. Our marketing strategy in the selection, should consider how to further expand the visibility and reputation of our products, to promote the potential target customers to buy the products, to maintain the loyalty of existing consumers. Accompanied by gifts, discount vouchers, special promotions, are a good promotion strategy. We should also take into account the promotion strategy and promotion competitors actions, competitors will try every means to crack down on our product sales growth. At this point should be based on the characteristics of our own products, provides a fixed product variety as a check. (For example: When other brands are playing special induction cooker, we can play with NKC-18L1 special products as check the price slightly lower than other brands and comes with gifts.)

Third, choose a good timing and means of promotion

The timing and means of promotion, with the purpose of promotion varies, as follows:

1, in order to influence new product promotions undertaken by the timing of new product launch, the country had just started listing, the focus of such promotion is to highlight the product's "personality", according to product positioning, target Consumer groups, on the one hand can be formed by the media influence, on the other hand is the target consumer group for the characteristics of terminal sales. Terminal on-site promotional activities to attract the target consumer group for the characteristics to explain the product's "personality", so that consumers understand and agree with the scene of this product a "personality" to target consumers desire to purchase the product, coupled with giveaways and other incentives final form to purchase.

2, the old product out of the market prior to marketing the main purpose is to reduce the adverse stock, to make way for new products, to avoid the introduction of new products, new and old products generate internal contradictions, so that sales can not be in accordance with the positive development. Out of the market before the product should be applied at low or mid-range price strategy of promotional products, so consumers really feel the benefits brought to them.

3, in order to improve the overall sales promotions to focus on products more light, clear differences between the goods on the season, general season into a large, terminal sales are strong. Promotional competition is mainly price and promotional items, but competition in the domestic businesses to take measures in the monotonous, mainly to the price war, if more of the market segments, focusing on marketing differentiation, will achieve better market share.

4, against "promotion" and for the promotion is to promote in the case of competitors, in order to curb the momentum carried out by rival promotion, such promotion has no fixed pattern, to borrow the words of Sun Tzu, "Promotion of Things Past, high water line to avoid becoming, the promotion and avoid the attack is true, the water flow due to the system, promotion by the enemy and winning, so water has no fixed potential, promotion has no fixed form, can change because of the enemy that victory by God, so Five wins impermanence, 4:00 uncertain position, on a length, on a life and death. "anti" promotion "is the most critical change for the enemy to win.

Fourth, to create an atmosphere of good marketing

We look at how to achieve sales, and products - What is the process consumers completed the first, consumers have a realistic potential buyers to purchase requirements or needs; Second, consumers desire to purchase; third, consumer impulsive buying; fourth, to buy it; if desired, we also hope that the fifth, consumers told us: he (she) will be realized once again the people around to buy. Consumer demand into actual demand and potential demand for two, but no matter what kind of conversion needs to buy the ultimate desire to buy, if there is no external stimulation is not achieved. Consumers desire to purchase up to impulsive buying, buy the external stimulation to achieve what it? So, let's look at a person's feelings, mainly visual, hearing, touch, smell, taste, etc., that have some people that can stimulate the sense of these aspects, we have what should be in the terminal promotion play? Of course, different products have different treatment, which some feel should be the nature of the product combines the advantages of playing all can play. So, how in the end that should be combined with promotion of our own products, features, what kind of work to do to stimulate the consumer's sense organs, thereby enhancing their purchasing desire? To consumers buying desire to achieve purchasing behavior, we must make the consumer product sales to the scene, which requires analysis of how the far and near, to stimulate consumer senses, this is mainly to stimulate the consumer's visual and hearing. According to the characteristics of different products to the terminal layout of the image or sound, how different from a distance appears to give consumers the feeling, to be theme specific, with features to consumers a strong visual impact. If possible, decorated with auditory impact, attracting the attention of consumers, in front of the consumer guide to products. Consumer products to display the scene, from the vivid scene of the terminal display to stimulate the attention of consumers, coupled with the professional sales staff to explain and change product features as a selling point to explain the selling points when it turned into selling points, to promote the interests of customers. Introduce products to meet consumer demand for that on the one hand, stimulate the purchase desire of consumers to enable consumers to purchase impulse, and ultimately purchase, which is part of the impact of hearing; to explain the same time, enable consumers to access products, on the one hand make consumers feel good thing is real; the other hand, to the consumers feel this product is belongs to him (her) own, and aspiring to promote officers to explain, from the auditory, visual and tactile stimulation at the same time three different neural consumers, and ultimately purchase. So, in creating an atmosphere of live promotion, the full account of the different consumers feel, from the visual, auditory and tactile and so on, to create a promotional atmosphere; the same time, some people also consider the nature of the problem, such as the curiosity of consumers and consumer The conformity of consumption, then the design of specific atmosphere, will achieve the desired effect.

Fifth, do a good job monitoring promotions

Monitoring of promotional activities is related to the success of our entire promotion a key element. Position in the promotional activities are important, many of our promotional activities despite the clever concept and design, but if there is no implementation of promotional activities is no effective monitoring or surveillance will not only result in our promotions do not achieve the desired results, even We also have a negative impact to the detriment of our company's image and reputation. What we need to monitor it? Kind of monitoring how the most effective?

Monitoring whether the due diligence work of promoters, promoters of a good process in the role of marketing is very large, can not be ignored. Promotion officers are our customers and channel members with connections between the bridge is our eyes. Therefore, due diligence or sales personnel will directly affect sales of our products and our company's image. The most effective and simplest way is to use reports to monitor the system, according to the characteristics of our own marketing staff to develop statements of work (such as: daily report, weekly report, monthly report). The contents of the report are: the number of each day to receive gifts, gifts consumption, returning the situation, performance of the day promotion, competition, brand sales feedback, and other unusual information. Monitoring sales staff time if due diligence, there is no late and leave early, channeling Kong, promotional products, the adequacy of display, display is clean and tidy, promotions and other publicity materials is complete and the situation.

Promotional staff reward and punishment system, a reasonable reward and punishment system can maximize the sales staff mobility initiative to improve the accuracy of daily reports to ensure the smooth progress of promotional activities.

Monitoring of all channel members of the specific stocks, with the promotion time, participate in activities will gradually increase the number of consumers, accurate inventory control channel members to replenish their stocks in time to prevent stock-out occurrence, but also facilitate the promotion sales statistics, more conducive to promotion goals.

Monitor the management of promotional gifts, promotional personnel as channel members and the quality varies greatly, and therefore strengthen the management of promotional gifts, can effectively prevent the deduction of gifts from occurring, to maintain our company's image and interests, to ensure the smooth progress of our promotional activities.

Monitor competitor sales, promotional activities we are doing but also pay close attention to competitors at the same time reflect and sales, and if we do promotions, competitors do the same promotions and marketing efforts of our sales incentives than also, in this case we should promptly adjust promotional content, and apart from competitors in order to achieve the expected effect of promotion.

6, do a good job of summing up promotions

Summarize the effect of promotion is very important, good promotions to help sum up the terminal and our next promotional activities do better. Allow the terminal feel that our professional style. Promotion effect of summing up not only after the end of promotion, but promotion activities throughout the entire process.

Promotion of product sales during the summing up of the products before marketing, promotion, the promotion of sales after the analysis summary. Promotion to enhance the rate of product sales, such as this promotion is expected to enhance product sales 30%, then the actual sales after the event how much has not completed the expected sales target. If not completed expected sales target, to know from how much worse the expected sales goals, analysis not complete anticipated sales goal. Find out the reasons to work in the future to avoid recurrence of similar problems in order to improve the efficiency of our terminals.

Summary competitive brand sales in the promotional period, the period of competitive brands in the promotion of specific sales data, this promotion of competition would affect sales of the brand. Summarized under the normal sales and competition What is the difference between brands? After promotion with or without improvements? Promotional activities on the terminal information analysis, feedback, concluded that the best way to promptly correct the deviation, the next promotion will avoid a lot of lessons.

Terminal sales staff is the implementation of promotional activities, who is also a trivial end promotions and huge work, we have invested heavily in every promotion of human and financial resources, it requires that the sales staff in the daily work to lay a good sales basis (for example, the display position in the end the poor sales of the product variety not complete, and love the relationship between the passenger terminal is not in place. this end, we put more of the cost of doing sales promotion can not be achieved to improve and expand the brand known results.) position to do daily work, when we do promotions to achieve better results are expected.

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