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Second-generation CAD, on-demand and variable - Hao Chen demonstrated CAD 2009 series New

Famous computer-aided design solutions (CAD) provider Hao Chen Corporation (Gstarsoft), on April 2, 2009 in Beijing Hao Chen 2009 full program release seminars, more than 300 design institutes to the participating executives, journalists demonstrated its latest second-generation total solution - stable high-speed platform, fully compatible with the secondary development interface and changing on demand applications. Survey and Design Association of China Wu Yi-liang, the Copyright Office, Copyright Office, the Director of China Zhao Xiu-ling, Li Aimin, chairman of China Power Industry Association will be all to high standards and high enough to appear in the Chinese domestic software has erected a banner in mind.

Figure 1: The General Assembly site

Figure 2: Survey and Design Association of China Mr Wu Yiliang

Figure 3: China's Copyright Administration, the Director of the Copyright Office, Zhao Xiuling speech

Figure 4: Hao Chen Executive Vice President Liang Haixia keynote speech

Rapid increase in the competitiveness institute

Today, the software product homogeneity led to increasing competition, the increasing emphasis on innovative users, the design cycle and the lack of software capabilities have become increasingly prominent due to cost pressures. How to find a price performance ratio, while there are good solutions for applications based on mature and all information put on the agenda of the person in charge. In today's conference, Hao Chen (Gstarcad) 2009, Hao Chen CAD Architecture 2009, CAD structure 2009 Hao Chen, Hao Chen CAD Electrical 2009, Hao Chen CAD HVAC 2009, Hao Chen CAD to drain 2009, and TUS structure FOR Haochen software upgrade for the first time debut. Single these shining star, they drew to the scene of intense media attention over 30.

Application to lead a new era of mature

It is reported that, despite the domestic software development momentum in recent years, good, but still faces the user should not be used to purchase only the passive situation, mainly because foreign manufacturers are still technically in some applications take initiative. Hao Chen order to break this situation, efforts to upgrade domestic software application in the user base. At the meeting, Hao Chen together three typical customer: Beijing Urban Construction Design Research Institute, Taiyuan Institute of Architectural Design, the Northwest Municipal Engineering Design Institute of China Research Institute Company Limited, the CAD system, complete software application Hao Chen, will be integrated with other professional software Hao Chen Hao CAD platform, e-based CAD software and custom software applications mature and comprehensive display. At the meeting, the three leading design institute of the year not only described the circumstances surrounding the purchase of CAD Hao Chen also mentioned the application of domestic joy was genuine CAD experience of the advanced units, speech content and even includes a custom software practice. True, inspiring, so to will have many guests on the latest version of the current Haochen CAD2009 have greater expectations.

Application and the actual needs of mature combination

To allow users to have the best experience effects, Hao Chen set up the user to visit links in particular. Location was selected in the Ho-Chen users - known as the China Rail Transit Design and Research Institute Beijing Urban Engineering Design experts. Users want seeing is believing, but events like this design institutes in China there was very little to start. Experience at the Urban Institute, the user visited the Beijing Urban Construction Exhibition Centre 50th anniversary of the style, understand the Beijing Olympic Subway Line, on the 10th line, and other famous works of the construction process, but also heard a designer for Urban School Leadership and procurement, the use made by the exchange of experience.

It is reported that Hao Chen's second-generation CAD Application Conference is the beginning of the global publishing activities, the next, Hao Chen will also be 6 new International Exhibition Center in Beijing International Machine Tool Show held together CIMT Session manufacturing conference, around the same time also The corresponding exchange activities have been launched. In addition to China, Hao Chen will also be key agents of its overseas markets, together with multi-language version of the application Juban exchange seminar will be this really great concentration for 17 years, set the desired product many users spread around the world, China set a good Software brand.

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