Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The United States too much control over the domain name is popular in China CN domain name

Recently, the reporter learned from relevant channels: the basis of our two largest Internet service providers and 10,000 net new web, spontaneously began to shift focus recently, the main push CN domain name.

Chinese domain name industry, change is happening. Back in August, the China Internet Network Information Center Director Mao Wei, once predicted: "Next year will exceed the amount of CN domain name registration COM domain name."

In recent years, China has been rumors that Chinese enterprises in foreign companies suffered looting COM domain name news, resulting in the website with the domain of Chinese enterprises lost and die, the company caught in an impasse. Faced with this situation, domestic experts said that the registration rights guaranteed in the CN domain names will be considered to protect Chinese enterprises Yuminganquan the best solution for enterprise security will become options, will greatly improve the company's domain security level .

Recently, well-known Internet service providers 10 000 network, as well as thousands of new web domain agencies, jointly recommended opening of CN domain name business as soon as possible, improve enterprise network security factor. China is waging a "campaign to upgrade the security domain."

It is understood that 10 000 nets from now until December 31 for all 10,000 network users have a COM domain names, allowing them to ultra-low price of 25 yuan corresponding CN domain name registration, quickly escalated into a security CN users. New web all over the country through the activities of the domain name registration solutions delivered to enterprise door. At the same time, thousands of domain name registration agency also is working with higher registrar to launch localized security upgrade program.

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